Tactical Bassin MICRO Flex Rigs

A finesse angler's dream crafted by Matt Allen and Tim Little of Tactical Bassin, the Hog Farmer Baits Tactical Bassin Micro Flex Rig 2 Blade is built for situations when bass are feeding on smaller baitfish or finesse is key. Built around a five-wire construction with two blades, two 3” teaser arms, and three hooked baits, the light-gauged wire thickness ensures lifelike pulsations and replicates a genuine school of shad with each twitch of the reel handle.

Premium ball bearing swivels and super bright willow blades enhance its allure, while center pin screw locks and 85lb black nickel Egg Roll Snaps for hooked baits provide top-notch hardware. The impact-resistant polymer head features an embedded swiveling line tie that reduces twists and ensures long-lasting durability. Simply add your favorite jig heads and swimbaits and let the Hog Farmer Baits Tactical Bassin Micro Flex Rig 2 Blade bring a whole new level of finesse to local bodies of water when the bass are keyed-in on small shad.

- Includes #2 Owner Hyper Wire split rings
- 5 Wire harness comprised of:
- 2 - 3” upper dummy arms
- 2 - 3-3/8” lower outside arms
- 1 - 4-1/4” center wire

**Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations - a fully rigged umbrella rig is illegal in some States.

**Also available in a non-bladed version