Dirty Jigs Tactical Bassin Mini Underspin

Born out of an epic collaboration with the dynamic duo that is Tactical Bassin, the Dirty Jigs Tactical Bassin Mini Underspin is the epitome of high-end finesse baits. It is carefully crafted with a miniature footprint to help anglers overcome the challenge of targeting bass in highly pressured and ultra-clear bodies of water alike. Incredibly versatile, the Tactical Bassin Mini Underspin allows anglers to present their favorite trailer in a natural and subtle swimming manner that even the wariest of bass can’t help but inhale.

Built with the finest components to ensure consistent results, the Dirty Jigs Tactical Bassin Mini Underspin promises tournament-caliber performance every time you tie it on. Anchored to the baitfish-imitating head with its 3D holographic eyes, is a premier custom Nickel or 24k Gold willow blade that showers the water column in flashing and fluttering action. The custom blade rotates reliably all the way through the retrieve thanks to the buttery-smooth Worth ball-bearing swivel that is American made. Backed by a razor-sharp 1/0 hook, the Dirty Jigs Tactical Mini Bassin Underspin is an invaluable tool for finding a bite!