River 2 Sea Tactical DD Crank 75

Designed by TacticalBassin's own Matt Allen and Tim Little, the River2Sea Tactical DD Crankbait brings a new approach to crankbait fishing. With a tight action, strong rattle, and impeccable color patterns, the Tactical DD Crankbait is designed for year-round performance. While a proven fish catcher in warmer waters, it continues to shine through the coldest temperatures when other baits fall to the wayside. True year-round crankbait performance has been attained with the Tactical DD Crankbait! With their attention to detail and combined fishing knowledge, Matt and Tim meticulously designed and tested every aspect of the Tactical DD Crankbait for big bass performance.

The River2Sea Tactical DD Crankbait features a unique head shape that maximizes surface area for maximum dive depth. Combined with a weight transfer system for long-range castability, the Tactical DD Crankbait plunges to the bottom, achieving far greater depths than any similarly sized crankbait. Each premium finish is designed to elicit a feed response in the biggest bass, while the baits aggressive hunting ability and fast rise, draw reaction strikes from the wariest of bass, even in difficult conditions. Finished with two sticky sharp River2Sea black nickel short shank treble hooks, the River2Sea Tactical DD Crankbait is a must-have for every anglers crankbait box.Β