Geecrack Gyrostar Swimbait

Warning - CA Prop 65

If you’re looking for an innovative swimbait that is extremely versatile and made with Japanese quality, you need to try the Geecrack Gyrostar Swimbait. It is molded with a unique inverted triangular shaped body structure and slash cut ribbing along the sides, which provides a stable swimming posture and generous vibration that will stimulate the lateral line of bass hunting in the surrounding area. On the back end, it features an oval tail design that does two things, it produces a seductive side-to-side swinging action and a tight body roll that triggers big bass feed. 

Perfect for a wide range of techniques, the Geecrack Gyrostar Swimbait features a belly slot and a top hook slot that allows for perfectly weedless rigging and increased hook penetration when using a Texas-rig or screw-lock style swimbait hook. It also has a flat head that is ideal for matching up with any of your favorite swim jigs, vibrating jigs, spinnerbaits, or jigheads. Made from Geecrack’s original S.A.F.(Salt+Aminos+Flavor) material that triggers more bites and makes fish hold on longer, the Geecrack Gyrostar Swimbait will produce results regardless of the season and help you put more fish in the boat.



7 pack