Geecrack CUE BOMB

Designed to unlock a new chapter of finesse fishing, the Geecrack Imo Kemushi Cue Bomb is the brainchild of Alton Jones Jr. and crafted with the renowned SAF material adorned entirely with silicone hairs. Continuously innovating, Geecrack has refined its production processes to offer this finesse option to anglers worldwide. Down-scaling from its predecessors like the Imo Kemiushi 60, 40, and proven elastomer versions, the Cue Bomb this rendition pushes the finesse envelope even further. Embracing Alton Jr.'s expertise in finesse and sight fishing, the downsized Imo Kemushi Cue Bomb is tailored for precise casts when pressured fish aren’t cooperating with traditional presentations. Whether rigged for drop shot or weightless, its natural color palette and intriguing size options ensure versatility for a variety of high-pressure fishing situations. An excellent addition to Alton Jones Jr. signature lineup, the Geecrack Imo Kemushi Cue Bomb will get finicky fish to cooperate and turn your toughest outings on the water into days you’ll remember.

4 Per Pack