Geecrack Bellows Gill Swimmer

Riding the wave of popularity and success with the original Gill, the new Bellows Gill Swimmer is the next evolution in softbait perfection from Geecrack. Designed on a 4.2" profile that is a new size to the Bellows family, the Bellows Gill Swimmer sports the familiar fish-catching profile of its predecessor with an enticing paddle-tail kick. The subtle thump and vibration of the Gill Swimmer's tail perfectly complement the aggressive water displacement of its deeply ribbed body. Where the original Bellows Gill was more tailored to horizontal rigging, the Bellows Gill Swimmer features a thicker mold to its ribbed topside and a split-belly with thinner ribbing on its underside to be rigged vertically with a 5/0 EWG style hook. Crafted with Geecrack's signature SAF scent and flavor profile, the Geecrack Bellows Gill Swimmer will be a knockout for swimming through the water column or dragging on Carolina Rig to imitate a predatory bass' favorite meal.

  • Length: 4 1/5"
  • 5 Per Pack
  • Geecrack SAF Scented Formula
  • Recommended Hook: 5/0 Swimbait Hook