Geecrack Bellows Craw

Warning - CA Prop 65

Introducing the newest bait in the Geecrack soft plastic line-up, the Geecrack Bellows Craw. Like all Geecrack baits, this bait was meticulously tested until it was perfected on the world-famous Lake Biwa in Japan and is now available to bring livewell busting limits to the US. The ribbed body of the bait is designed to displace water and create air bubbles as it’s retrieved to help big bass key in on the craw. Fine-tuned for the right balance of stiffness in the body while still providing the optimal amount of action through the claws, this bait can be dragged, swam, or hopped.

The Geecrack Bellows Craw boasts the SAF material you already know and love from Geecrack - Salt, Aminos, and Flavor! This proprietary formula is perfected and applied to meet the unique needs of each bait designed. The salt, aminos, and shrimp flavor combine to create a distinctive scent that fish hold onto longer. The special formula also helps impart the right level of buoyancy and action into the bait. Perfect when presented with a Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Free Rig, Jika Rig, or as a jig trailer, the Geecrack Bellows Craw delivers highly versatile and incredibly effective performance.