Xzone Lures Pro Series Stealth Invader

When it’s time to fire up the school and start a feeding frenzy, tie on the Xzone Lures Pro Series Stealth Invader and generate a predatory response! The Stealth Invader features a goby-style profile that smallmouth bass and more find to be a simply irresistible snack. That profile is expertly enhanced with molded detailing on the head and body which is complemented by a train of fins that run along its spine. The tapered body is poured with carefully placed segments that combine with its reversed paddle tail to enhance the action and provide a more realistic swimming motion. The deal is sealed with Xzone’s proven colors and their exclusive X-Formula Scent that utilizes super fine salt to expand your strike zone and encourage bass to hold on to your bait longer. Whether you’re chasing aggressive cold water smallmouth, or finessing lethargic largemouth, the Xzone Lures Pro Series Stealth Invader is sure to keep your rod bent!

Length Quantity
3" 6