Core Tackle Hover Rig

Designed specifically for the super finesse hover strolling technique, the Core Tackle Hover Rig is deadly when paired with forward facing sonar and targeting suspended fish. Built to create a slow fall and gliding action, the Core Tackle Hover Rig features lead poured along the shank of the hook and in front of the line tie. This distributes the weight throughout the soft plastic instead of being isolated at the head like a traditional jighead to create a more natural horizonal fall that glides side to side or spirals and absolutely drives fish crazy.

Maximizing efficiency and saving soft plastics as well, the Core Tackle Hover Rig is much faster and easier to rig than other hover stroll rigs that use a non-weighted jig hook and nail weight combination. It also reduces wear on your soft plastics so you can catch more fish per bait. Offered in a wide arrangement of sizes that pair with all sorts of finesse soft plastics, the Core Tackle Hover Rig is the ultimate jig head for hover strolling.