South East Tackle 5” Technique Worm

Introducing The Technique Worm, (The one worm to rule them all)! After years of product development the technique worm is finally here. This worm was specifically designed to be able to perform the majority of today’s hottest techniques. You can fish it Wacky style, Shakey head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, Ned rig, Neko rig, Tokyo rig, and drop shot. This 5 inch worm will do it all. Made from S.E.T.’s environmentally conscious plastics in just the right formulation of soft but tough plastic to give it that ultimate quivering movement. This worm has been designed specifically with the tournament, and kayak angler in mind. You now have no need to carry a different Worm for each technique which will help you save space, weight, time, and money. 

 Technique worm features :

S.E.T.’s Environmentally conscious soft but tough floating plastic. 


 A nose design that allows you to easily insert a screw lock, Neko weight, or nail weight


A buoyancy dominant fat tail that allows the bait to Stand straight up when nose weighted.


 An asymmetrical body that allows it to quiver perfectly on the fall when Wacky or Texas rigged. 


 And improved hook geometry design to allow for the ultimate hook sets with almost any brand or type of hook .


 All baits come impregnated with S.E.T.’s proprietary natural scents and hormones, that keep fish chewing well after the initial bite.


 Available in 12 different colors and custom colors upon request. ( minimum quantities apply for custom colors )


 There are 10 baits per package