Outkast Tackle Cage Feider Tungsten Flipping Jig

Developed after extensive testing by Elite Series pro, Seth Feider, the Outkast Tackle Cage Feider Flipping Jig expands on the success of the Stealth Feider Jig and gives anglers a jig that is built for the most heavy duty flipping applications. Built around an extra heavy wire hook with a horizontal line-tie, the Outkast Tackle Cage Feider Flipping Jig gives anglers the power needed to battle big bass in the thickest jungles and get them into the boat with authority. It also features a modified Arkie head shape with small flat spots on the bottom and is made from 97% pure tungsten, which allows it to skip very easily across the surface, keep your trailer pointed upward on the bottom, and provide an ultra compact profile with heightened sensitivity compared to standard lead jigs. 

Another key element Seth incorporated was a micro cut skirt that makes subtle lifelike movements, similar to rubber, even while you’re not moving the jig at all. Finished with a double barbed keeper that firmly holds trailers in place, the Outkast Tackle Cage Feider Flipping Jig is the jig you want for combat style fishing in shallow water for big bass.