Ledge Hog Fishing Blade Bait

We have reengineered blade bait fishing with the Ledge Hog Blade Bait.  It's distinctive form is perfectly balanced to fish at any depth.  The five hole positions allow you to adjust the swim action by simply moving your clip placement.

  • Hole 1: Straight tight wobble for cranking or jigging.
  • Hole 2: More vibration with a slight tail angle.  Great starting point.
  • Hole 3: Medium tail angle for spooning, cranking or jigging.
  • Hole 4: High tail angle for running shallow and deflecting off structure.
  • Hole 5: Max tail angle for waking on top of the water.

Equipped with ultra sharp Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks and all premium components.  Available in three sizes and array of colors and designs.  Remarkably versatile the Ledge Hog Blade Bait is tournament tested using a variety of different fishing techniques. 

Warning: Be prepared to bring lunker sized fish on board when using the Ledge Hog Blade Bait.


3” 3/4 oz.

4” 1.75oz.

5” 3.75oz.