Hog Ties



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The Hog Farmer Hog Ties Jigs are constructed with a proprietary blend of premium synthetics, Flashabou and Krystal Flash accents, with a burst of 7-8 premium hackle feathers for superior tail action. Customized over-sized hooks give the angler a mechanical advantage over trophy sized fish. The action and fall rate is simply unsurpassed, and the durability of these 8” hand-tied-in-America jigs is second to none. Available in a range of proven colors, the HogFarmer Baits Hog Ties Jigs deliver premier craftsmanship and a time-tested attraction that beckons to the big ones.

Albino – A blend of white on white, silver accent, with 8 white hackles.

Gray Shad – A gray on white, silver and Krystal Flash accents, with gray and white hackles.

LemonBerry – A white with light gray hair, chartreuse and purple Krystal Flash accents, with gray, chartreuse, and white hackles

Mad Boar – Like the Albino, but with red accents and a red thread collar.