Hog Tie Underspin

  1. A dazzling variation of the original, the HogFarmer Baits Hog Tie Underspin provides a super-bright, flowing presentation with will keep your lines tight. Built with a titanium wire, top-notch ball-bearing swivel, and a premium willow blade, the HogFarmer Bait Hog Tie Underspin is designed to flex when fish bite, allowing for deeper penetration and better hook-ups.

Hand-tied with a proprietary blend of premium synthetics, flashabou, and Krystal Flash accents, the HogFarmer Baits Hog delivers a fluid action that is unmatched in terms of realism. Customized over-sized hooks give the angler a mechanical advantage over trophy-sized fish. Available in a variety of customized colors, the HogFarmer Baits Hog Tie Underspin provides a brilliant presentation that is rich in attraction and quality.

Weight Blade Size
1.5oz #7
1oz #6
3/4oz #3.5
5/8oz #3.5
1/2oz #3.5
3/8oz #3.5