GetNet Owner Japan Burikin Swimmer

An innovative swimbait concept straight from Owner Japan, the Owner Burikin Swimmer is designed to enable ‘super dead slow’ retrieve speeds while swimming just beneath the surface of the water. Built to catch water and swim immediately with the first turn of the reel handle, the fat low-center of gravity body and shad-style paddle tail allows anglers to make long casts without losing swim balance or breaching even when buzzing or using fast retrieves.

Armed with a razor-sharp Owner ST-36 black chrome treble hook attached to a premium high-spin swivel, the unique two-way fin hook holder helps minimize body roll and lets the hook release smoothly when a fish bites the lure. Perfect for skipping under docks and overhanging tree limbs, the Owner Burikin Swimmer is also equipped with a belly hook pocket and pre-molded nail weight cavity that lock the hook and weight firmly in place around heavy cover.

5.4" - 1-1/8oz

4.4" - 3/4oz