Dirty Jigs Compact Spinnerbait

Designed for targeting highly pressured fish, theDirty Jigs Compact Double Willow Spinnerbait is a small profile spinnerbait outfitted with two premium Hildebrant willow blades for just the right amount of flash and vibration to entice bites from those picky eaters. Pairing perfectly with your favorite small finesse swimbaits for added tail-kicking action, the Compact Double Willow Spinnerbait is fashioned with a wire bait keeper to lock soft plastics in place and a razor-sharp hook that’ll keep fish pinned. Girded with a finesse-cut skirt, realistic eyes, sculpted gill plates and a hand-painted head, all in a variety of bass-catching color options, the Compact Double Willow Spinnerbait can induce a feeding frenzy when fish are keyed in on small schools of bait.