Damiki Vault Blade Baits

The Damiki Vault is a tiny blade-vibration bait - great for targeting bass, as well as, various other fish species.  Excellent for ripping through baitfish in cold water, it accurately mimics a variety of forage species with its unique vibrating action and realistic color patterns.  It also features 3 settings for tying your line. This allows you to vary the pull point based on how deep you want to fish it, and what type of vibration you want.  The closer to the head - the bigger the wobble, and the farther back - the tighter the wobble.  Also equipped with super sharp, high quality Damiki Viper Hooks and available in a variety of colors, the Damiki Vault is a versatile and effective bait that really allows you to adapt it to changing fishing conditions.

Length Weight Class
Vault 42
1.65" 1/4-oz Sinking
Vault 49
1.93" 3/8-oz Sinking
Vault 55
2.15" 1/2-oz Sinking
Vault 65
2.60" 3/4-oz Sinking