3:16 Lure Company 5" Bluegill / Sunfish / Crappie (Line Thru Softbait)

Released in Spring of 2003, the Bluegill is poised to knock the socks off some serious big bass.  This bait is a strong kicker and runs true, even at high speeds.  Fish it over the grass, fish it around stickups or slow roll it, this bait has the fishability of a swimbait with the profile of a real bluegill or sunfish to trigger bass into striking it.
The hook system is similar to the Sidewinder and Top Dawg with a small tube through the nose which runs through the weight to the belly where a premium 1/o Owner hook is held with a strong prong.  This hook setup allows the bait to slide up the line when the fish is hooked so that the bass can't get the leverage against the weight of the lure.  The Bluegill can be fished easily on the regular heavy bass gear and casts well with its compact design.
Equipped with one - 1/o Owner Treble hook.
1 Bait