3:16 Lure Company Mission Fish

The Mission Fish is the bait that started it all. The first truly weedless swimbait, it was released in 2000 after 2 years of research and development. The Mission Fish was designed to allow anglers to put big baits in places where big baits had never gone before. With it's weedless design, you can fire the Mission Fish back in the tullies, work it over and through tree branches, or shake the bait through heavy grass beds. The three factors of; big bait, slow presentation, and heavy cover make the Mission Fish a big bass catching machine. 

Many anglers have also discovered the Mission Fish to be the ultimate sight fishing swimbait for trophy large mouth. Jed Dickerson and Mac Weakley proved this in a big way in 2003 by boating monster bass weighing 21 lbs 11.2 oz and 19 lbs 8 oz respectively! Jed's bass is the number 4 bass on the Bassmaster Top 25 list, and the largest bass taken on an artificial lure in 14 years. The Mission Fish excels as a sight fishing lure because of it's realism (due to the hidden hook design) and the fact that when you hook a large bass, the lure slides up the hook making it more difficult for the bass to spit the hook. 1 Bait