Jackall Deracoup

Delivering the quality and performance that has made Jackall Lures a mainstay in many professional and avid tournament anglers’ tackle boxes, the Jackall Deracoup Tail Spinner is the perfect lure for mimicking small baitfish and minnows. Molded with a true-to-life shad profile, the Jackall Deracoup Tail Spinner features a solid lead construction and is very compact, allowing anglers to cast it extremely long distances to cover more water and catch more fish. The Jackall Deracoup Tail Spinner also features a premium rear Colorado blade attached by a ball bearing swivel that produces a bright flash and thumping vibration to grab the attention of nearby fish.

Perfect for casting or vertical jigging applications, the Jackall Deracoup Tail Spinner is incredibly effective when fished from a boat or shore and is deadly in any body of water whether it’s a lake, stream, or pond. A special tube around the tail helps reduce line tangles and damage from casting, which is a common problem with most spin-tail jigs as well. Armed with a sticky sharp treble hook to ensure a high hook up ratio, the Jackall Deracoup Tail Spinner is available in a wide range of colors that will match the hatch in any situation you encounter on the water.