Geecrack Jack Master Swimbait

Warning - CA Prop 65

The Geecrack Jack Master Swimbait is an incredibly versatile swimbait that provides JDM performance and needs to be in every angler’s tackle box. Molded with a heavy ribbed body and large boot tail, the Jack Master Swimbait produces a wide kicking action that attracts fish and induces a natural feeding response. The flat body also helps keep it balanced so anglers can reel it super slow or absolutely burn it and maintain a perfect swimming posture. On the back, it features a small hook point protector, which makes it incredibly weedless when fishing through thick grass and vegetation as well.

Boasting Geecrack’s SAF material, the Jack Master Swimbait uses a combination of Salt, Aminos, and Flavor to create a scent and texture that fish can’t resist. It also imparts the perfect level of buoyancy to maximize swimming action. Offered in multiple colors, the Geecrack Jack Master Swimbait is perfect for jigheads, screw-lock hooks, swimjigs, spinnerbaits, and vibrating jigs.