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Hog Farmer Baits

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Tremoring Hog Ties
Magnum Football Shakey Heads
Hog Ties
Hair Jigs
SoNaR Ballzz
Swim Bait Head
  • 3 Arm Rigs
    Our basic 3-arm rig with no blades. Made from heavy-gauge wire, this rig is built to withstand the punishment of holding multiple large fish. This rig comes with 80-lb safety swivel snaps on each arm.
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  • 5 Arm Rigs
    Our basic 5-arm rig with no blades. This rig comes with 80-lb safety swivel snaps on each arm. Looking for that extra strength? Our Kingspin version has heavy duty wires that are 70% stronger than the original Hog Farmer 5 arm, 8 blade rig. Great for striper, musky, or salt-water...
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  • Hog Ties
    The Hog Farmer Hog Ties Jigs are constructed with a proprietary blend of premium synthetics, Flashabou and Krystal Flash accents, with a burst of 7-8 premium hackle feathers for superior tail action. Customized over-sized hooks give the angler a mechanical advantage over trophy sized fish. The action and...
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  • Tremoring Hog Ties
    Combining HogFarmer's unequalled craftsmanship with a vibration-packed tremoring bill, the HogFarmer Baits Tremoring Hog Ties deliver a hybrid design that will keep your lines tight. Fitted with a durable rubber bill, the HogFarmer Baits Tremoring Hog Ties provide a heavy pulsation that you can feel running all the way...
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  • Magnum Shakey
    A perfect pairing for you oversized soft plastics, the HogFarmer Baits Magnum Shakey Heads provide plus-sized performance that puts kicker fish in the livewell. Designed with a football-shaped head, the HogFarmer Baits Magnum Shakey Heads feature a recessed line-tie that protects the structural integrity of your knots when working...
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  • Hog Farmer Bait Sticker
    Show people you fish with the very best in rigs, with these Hog Farmer stickers! Laminated for long-lasting good looks.
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  • Big Buck Hair Jigs
    Hand-tied using the perfect combination of materials, the HogFarmer Baits Hair Jigs offer a natural flowing presentation that you just can't get with run-of-the-mill silicone skirting. Designed with just the right amount of synthetic hair, krystal flash, flashabou, and real grizzly hackle feathers, the HogFarmer Baits Hair Jigs deliver...
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  • Hog Tie Underspins
    A dazzling variation of the original, the HogFarmer Baits Hog Tie Underspins provide a super-bright, flowing presentation with will keep your lines tight. Built with a titanium wire, top-notch ball-bearing swivel, and a premium willow blade, the HogFarmer Bait Hog Tie Underspins are designed to flex when fish bite,...
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  • SoNaR Ballzz
    SoNaR Ballzz are 6mm floating, rattling multi chambered beads that contain 6 ball bearings that generate a whirling, buzzing sound when retrieved through the water. This sound is produced by the bead's rotation around their axis. They really work..just ask the fish.
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  • Swinger Swim Bait Head Pack
    The Hog Farmer Swinger is the perfect Swimbait head for hollow belly and other similar swimbaits. The swing arm technology makes it harder for the fish of a life time to throw your lure. Availible in multiple sizes. Comes in packs of 2
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  • Hog Tied Swinger
    Built on the popular swinger swim bait head. The life like action and color from this bait draws bites from the most finicky of fish. Comes with the best hooks available and sized right for big bites.
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  • Harvester
    Expanding HogFarmer’s incredibly effective line-up of umbrella-rigs, the HogFarmer Harvester Rig boasts a multi-tiered presentation that delivers a noticeable profile, brilliant flash, and crushing strikes. Designed with an innovative, two-layered construction, the HogFarmer Harvester Rig features two super durable, hand-painted heads and 7-wires that generate an extra-robust profile. Built entirely...
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  • T Spin
    T-Spin Hybrid
    3/8 Head Profile Weight 7 grams A polymer head injected a round a premium Mustad needlepoint 3/0 hook. With three flexible titanium wires and 3 willow leaf blades you are guaranteed to make a flash.
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  • Epitome Swim Jig
    You're done shopping for swim jigs. This is it! Hog Farmer's Epitome Swing Jog puts the skirt in the front, where it ought to be, for a superior swimming profile. This jig's aggressively tapered head pulls through the thickest cover with ease. Are the hooks strong and sharp? Oh, you...
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  • Hog Wobbler
    2 Per Pack
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  • Hybrid Underspins
    The Hybrid Underspin was designed to swim your favorite finesse swimbait in the skinniest of waters or fall through the water column slower than any Underspin on the market. The Titanium wire holding the premium ball bearing swivel and 3.5 willowleaf blade will flex and not obstruct the hook...
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  • Weedless Hybrid
    The Weedless Hybrid is a virtually weightless and weedless swimbait head that will allow you to maneuver your finesse swimbait through the thickest vegitation. The Polly head and Gamakatsu hook weigh in at 1/8oz. When paired with a Swimbait you will have plenty of casting weight. Braided line and...
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  • MOP Rig
    The MOP Rig is a combination of 7 wires and 10 blades with the bulk of the blades on 4 shorter wires. Three longer wires have snaps for swim baits.
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  • BFL Rig
    The BFL Rig has five wires, five blades, and three swivel snaps. Built with two blades on each of the top two wires and one blade on the middle wire. No blades on the bottom two wires, making your hooked swimmers a prim target and allowing the rig to...
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  • Deuce Rig
    The Deuce Rig was designed for states only allowing TWO hooks. Built on the original Hog Farmer brown wire harness. Three wires with two blades each. Two longer wires with no blades and one snap each for your hooked lure. Three Top Bladed Wires 4.5" Two Bottom Wires 6" Save 15% when...
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Swinger Swim Bait Head

The Hog Farmer Swinger is the perfect Swimbait head for hollow belly and other similar swimbaits. The swing arm technology makes it harder for the fish of a life time to throw your lure. Availible in multiple sizes. Comes in packs of 2